Valentine Treasure Hunt

Valentine Treasure Hunt

You are DINO-mite!  You have a PIZZA my heart.  We BEE-long together.

I put the best Valentine puns into a treasure hunt for your little ones!

Valentine's Day Fun at Home

To be honest, this didn't even cross my mind after creating the Halloween or December Holiday versions to add some fun at home during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  (The Easter version has been my one and only for years.)

But I had a follower ask me on Instagram if I had plans for a Valentine's Day edition.

My answer: I do now!!

Valentine Treasure hunt clues

Easy to Set Up

Just print the free file (get it below), cut out the clues, and place them around the house according to the directions on the first page.

You don't even need to use all of them.  It will still work if you leave out any that may not work for your area or needs.  But I tried my best to keep the areas very general in hopes they will work for everyone.

And don't discount the little ones!!  I've been doing treasure hunts for my kids since they were toddlers and could follow directions.  If they can't read yet it does take more of your help, but they still love to think where to go next and race around the house to find their surprise.

Speaking of Surprises...

A treasure hunt does require a treasure at the end, but there are so many options!

  • Box of chocolates
  • Box of conversation hearts
  • Cookie decorating kit
  • Valentine pencil or pen
  • Coupon to spend time with you (stay up late, family game night, or go somewhere special, etc.)
  • Book - if you have a preschooler, check out my Ocean Activity Book
  • A Valentine t-shirt
  • Small toy 

Make sure to join my membership Quiet Book Queen Inner Circle for this year's hunt!  Click on the graphic for more information.

inner circle

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  • Mel: February 14, 2021

    Too late for this year, but I’ll definitely file this away for 2022!

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