CEO and founder, Kailan Carr

Hi, I'm Kailan,

and I’m on a mission to prioritize play for kids living in this screen saturated world. I’m a former teacher with a masters degree in Literacy and founded Quiet Book Queen and Crafts in Between to make it easy for caregivers to use screen-free activities and more play in their day to day.

My kids are late elementary age now, but I've been there. Limiting screen time was (and still is) so important to me, but it wasn't easy! It takes a lot more planning and preparation than handing over your phone, but it is SO worth it. It is an investment in your child's future, and the payoff is a child that doesn't need to be entertained by a screen. Creativity will be abundant!

Kids will hop on the technology train soon enough. Let's first teach them how to use their imagination, interact with others, and provide activities that don't require staring at a screen and shutting out the world. (Ever tried to get the attention of a screen-connected kid?!)

Quiet books were the first pillar in my business and were my GOLD at occupying my littles out and about. I love creating new designs and helping you make them with my patterns and page kits.

But since then I have added on printable activities for those who don’t sew - like the fan-favorite treasure hunt clues, scavenger hunts, play dough mats, and pretend play set ups.  The Inner Circle is the place to be for easy, screen-free fun delivered to you each month.

And I wrote books!  I’m a published author and love to do school visits, and I’m also a speaker advocating for more play to teachers and parents.

I live in Bakersfield, California where I love to get lost in books and road trip to new places in our travel trailer.  Going to concerts is my favorite way to spend a night out.  If Harry Styles or John Mayer is touring…I’m there!

CEO and founder, Kailan Carr, holding a Quiet Book.

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