Kids are missing out!

Kids are missing out!

Two hugely popular things I was a little obsessed with this summer:

  1. The new fantasy novel Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros
  2. Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

I mean the sheer creativity of those two women is amazing.  Rebecca Yarros developed an entire world and held readers captive with her words and Taylor Swift is a talented musician who writes her own songs to have hit after hit.

And as I was enjoying both of the above this summer, I just kept wondering if the next generation of kids growing up right now are getting the right opportunities.

Screens are passive entertainment

You see, screens are a form of passive entertainment where a child just gets to sit back and enjoy. Yes there are some active forms of tech like video games and apps, but the child still doesn't have to use their brain much.  The screen tells you how to play.

And this isn’t so bad if kids are getting plenty of other opportunities to explore their interests offline.

But I wonder… what are kids missing out on?  What are screens replacing?

🎸What next singer-songwriter isn’t picking up a guitar to learn how to play?

📖What next fantasy author isn’t diving into creative play to build their imagination?

👩‍🍳What next chef isn’t experimenting with recipes in the kitchen?

⚾️What next sports star isn’t trying a new sport?

🎨What next artist isn’t picking up a paintbrush to see what they can create?

🧠What next engineer isn’t tinkering with things to learn how they work?

Are we all (yes, adults too) settling these days because screens entertain us well enough and there is no motivation to try new things?  There is not nearly as much empty time to fill with exploration of new hobbies.

We as parents of the next generation HAVE to prioritize play.  And then with plenty of play, some screen time is okay.

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