Holiday Treasure Hunt Clues

Holiday Treasure Hunt Clues

I've added another one!  The Halloween Candy Hunt was so wildly popular during this year of Coronavirus, I created one for the holidays.  It's something fun to do with your kids while you are sticking close to home!

Learn About Different Holidays in December

I had great plans to create one for each of the December holidays, but I soon realized that wouldn't be a wise use of my time this busy season.  I didn't want to leave anyone out though, so I decided to include all of the major holidays and make it a learning experience.

There are 18 different clues (some with little nuggets of info) paired with a rhyme to lead them to the next clue.  Topics include:

  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • Kwanzaa
  • Santa's magic

Holiday Treasure Hunt clues

How to Use It

There is a step by step direction sheet that tells you where to put each clue.  Hide the "treasure" with the last clue.  It could be something small like a candy cane to something as big as a holiday gift! 

To get started, just hand your child the first clue or leave it somewhere for them to find.  Your Elf on the Shelf or Santa could even drop off clue number one.

Your child will then embark on a hunt around the house!  If they are not reading yet, just read it for them.  I started doing treasure hunts with my kids when they were toddlers and it was so, so fun.  You will make memories for sure!

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