Holiday Lights Scavenger Hunt

Holiday Lights Scavenger Hunt

Do you ever drive around neighborhoods looking at all the lights and decorations?  It was a tradition with my family when I was kid, and I have continued it with my own family.

Make it a Scavenger Hunt!

Last year was the first year we made it a scavenger hunt, and it was so memorable.  My kids love a challenge, and scavenger hunts are our thing.  See my Neighborhood and Nature Scavenger hunts here, and my Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt here.

Just drive around a neighborhood (or a few) keeping an eye out for the items on the list.  The kids will check them off when they see them!

If you have older kids or a really festive neighborhood, they can add tally marks every time they see one.  Then at the end you can see which decorations were most popular or least popular.

Don't forget to grab a clipboard, travel tray, or a book to have a hard surface to write on.  A book light or flashlight would also be really helpful if you don't like driving with the inside car lights on.  You can even laminate it or put it in a sheet protector to use with a dry erase marker year after year.

Ways to Make it Extra Special

A Holiday Lights Scavenger Hunt is a pretty special tradition no matter what.  But, here are some things you can do when you go look at lights to make it extra special.

  • Go through your night time routine (bath, story, etc) and when you go to tuck them in they find a note saying something like, "Not bed time yet.  Let's go look at lights!"
  • Pack a festive snack like popcorn or pretzels with M&M's or sprinkles added in.
  • Make your own hot cocoa before you go or swing through a Starbucks drive-thru to order some.
  • Make a playlist of your favorite holiday music to play as you drive.
  • Get cozy with pajamas and soft blankets.

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