Halloween Gel Sensory Bag

Halloween Gel Sensory Bag

Gel sensory bags are so simple to make, but provide so much entertainment and learning through play!  When you tape them to a surface like a counter or a table, they can keep babies to adults busy and having fun without the need for screens.

So Many Varieties!

You can keep it very basic, with a plain bag and colored gel.  Then kids can practice writing their letters in the squishy surface.

Or you can jazz it up a bit and add glitter or trinkets (no sharp edges!) to move around.

Or you can add a learning component like sorting colors.  Little ones will be learning as they play and working on fine motor skills!

A Halloween Twist

I saw the colored googly eyes at Michael's and inspiration struck.  I knew I wanted to make a gel sensory bag with them, and I came up with two different varieties. 

The first one has the child match the colored eyes to the correct colored monster.  This is ideal for younger children because there are fewer eyes and not as overwhelming.  If they don't know their colors yet, they will still enjoy giving the monsters eyeballs!

The second option is for older children who have the hang of moving the eyes around and want to sort them all into the correct color square.  My Kindergartener loved this one!

Supplies You Need

  • Gallon size Zip Lock bag
  • 1 large bottle of clear hair gel - I got mine at the Dollar Tree
  • Colored googly eyes - I found mine at Michael's
  • Colored Sharpie pens to match
  • Clear tape to seal the top

    How to Make It

    You probably already know, it's that easy!

    1. Draw your monsters or rectangles on the plastic bag.
    2. Pour the whole bottle of clear gel in the bag.
    3. Add your googly eyes.
    4. Seal it shut and tape the top so little fingers won't accidentally open it.

      Tape it to a table or counter top to play with at home.  You can also put it in your diaper bag and take it with you to a restaurant or use it in the car with a lap tray!

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