Easter Basket Treasure Hunt Clues

Easter Basket Treasure Hunt Clues

The 2021 Easter Basket Treasure Hunt Clues are here!  The Easter Bunny has been bringing my kids this fun way to find their Easter Basket since 2015!   And yes, each year is different because that Easter Bunny wouldn't hide baskets in the same place twice!  My kids totally remember from year to year.

Worried your kids are too young?  They likely aren't!  With the help of an adult reading the clues, little ones as young as 2 will catch on!

Surprise in the Closet!

This year the clues will lead them to a place where clothes hang - this could be their closet or your closet!  Get the free clues below.

Easter basket treasure hunt clues lead to the closet


How it Works

easter basket treasure hunt

It doesn't take much extra work on your part to add a special memory to your Easter morning!

  1. Print the free clues below.
  2. Cut them in strips.
  3. Roll them or fold them to put in a plastic Easter egg.  Tip - do this at each hiding spot so you know what goes where!
  4. Hide the egg where the clue says.  I tried really hard to make sure all hiding spots were places that all homes/apartments would have.  But if a clue doesn't work for your area, it's totally fine to leave it out!
  5. Put the Easter basket at the end.  Leave the first clue (in or out of the egg) where your child will see it in the morning!

In Need of Basket Fillers?

If you have a child age 3-5, my Ocean Animals Preschool Activity Book and a box of crayons would be perfect!  Must order by Friday, March 26, 2021.  If you select Media Mail, that could take up to 10 days and may not make it in time.  I would advise Priority to be sure!

Easter basket with ocean book

My felt story sets also make a great little addition for imaginative play and storytelling!  Ocean animals, fairy tale, nursery rhymes, space, town, and so many more!  You also must order by Friday, March 26 and select Priority shipping.

Make yourself a felt board using my tutorial here!

felt story set

 Birthday Coming Soon?

Get my Birthday Treasure Hunt Printable that ends with a Yes Day coupon or something special you'd like to add!

 Like What You See?

Make sure to join my membership Quiet Book Queen Inner Circle for this year's hunt!  Click the graphic below to find out more.

inner circle


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