Easter Basket Treasure Hunt Clues

Easter Basket Treasure Hunt Clues

It's an annual thing!  Here are the Easter Basket Treasure Hunt Clues for 2020.  This is Coronavirus Quarantine Easter, so why not make it a little extra memorable by having the Easter Bunny send your kids on a Treasure Hunt to find their basket?

How it Works:

It's pretty much as low prep as you can get. 

1. Just print the clues (get them below for free)

2. Cut them in to strips.

3. Roll them to fit in a plastic Easter egg.  Tip - the Easter Bunny does this one at a time as he/she hides the eggs so he/she knows where the next one needs to go!

4. The first clue egg is set right near your child so he/she will see it when they wake up.  It can be their pillow, at their bedroom door, etc.

This year the basket hiding place is a bathtub!  I keep the clues very generalized so anyone in an apartment or home should be able to hide the clues.  You can always skip over one if it's not applicable though!

Interested in this year's clues?

Join my membership Quiet Book Queen Inner Circle for the new clues and other printable activities!  Click the graphic below for more information.

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