Birthday Treasure Hunt Clues

Birthday Treasure Hunt Clues

Make your child's special day just a little bit more special by sending them on a hunt around the house for a surprise using these free clues!

How it Works

Just print the file (get it below), cut up the clues, and hide them around the house according to the directions.  Put your surprise at the end!  This could be a birthday gift, a cake, or the coupon that is included for a YES DAY!

This treasure hunt ends in the oven, but there are a few other clues that you could switch around if that doesn't work for you.

birthday treasure hunt clues

What is a "Yes Day"?

Ok parents, this may be a little difficult for you.  But it will be the highlight of your child's year!  On this day only, the answer to most everything is yes.

Can I eat cookies for breakfast? Yes.

Can I watch a movie? Yes.

Will you play this game with me? Yes.

Can I stay up late? Yes.

Your kiddo will get to make all the decisions for the day.  BUT, you are still the parent and can say no if it's something unreasonable.  If they ask to watch a rated R movie or go to Target and spend $100, then obviously it's ok to say no if you don't approve!

I got this idea from Allison Carter Celebrates and started the tradition for my kids' pandemic birthdays to make their day at home extra special.  It was a such a hit, they want it every year.

So I thought I'd include a Yes Day Coupon in the Birthday Treasure Hunt in case you choose to use that as your final surprise!  

 yes day coupon

Interested in more holiday themed hunts?

Join my membership Quiet Book Queen Inner Circle for more!  Click on the graphic for all the info.

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