50 Screen Free Activities for Summer

Get this list of 50 screen free activities for summer.  Toddlers and preschoolers don't need technology to entertain themselves.


How's your summer going so far?  We are almost at the half way point, and it's so easy to let screen time fill the voids of those long summer days.  I'm trying hard not to fall back on that temptation.  I want my kids to play, create, get tired out, and even get bored (it's not a bad thing).  

Lists are the Best

You know there are plenty of things to do, but when you really need an idea of course it's hard to think of!  So I've compiled a list of 50 screen free activities for you to reference all in one spot.  Next time you're needing an activity to pass those summer hours, pick one from the list!

Several activities don't require any money to be spent.  Go somewhere that's free or use things you have around the house.  

But Don't Forget...

It's also totally acceptable for you to NOT provide an activity for your kids and let them figure out something to do on their own. Don't let that mom guilt set in!  Being bored allows kids time to think, time to be imaginative, and time to figure out how to entertain themselves without relying on a screen or a perfectly prepped activity by mom.


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