New Year's Eve at Home with Kids

New Year's Eve at Home with Kids

This year many more people will be spending the last day of the year at home, and if you have kids these activities make it that much more memorable.

This will be our 3rd year of a New Year's Eve Countdown.  Check out this blog post for activities we did the first year (age 4 and 6).  Below, I will line out what we did last year at ages 5 and 7.  I will also include my plans for this year at the end!

I always like to mix in crafts, games, learning, and reflection!

And here's where you can buy a bundle of printable activities - time cards, activity labels, and activities!

New Year's Eve Activities for Kids

The Basic Concept

Decide what time you'd like to start (the last two years we've started mid morning and I was exhausted by the end of the day).  There were just too many fun activities to do and I couldn't decide! I'm learning my lesson finally and going to start later in the afternoon this year.

Create countdown bags and label them with the time they should be opened.  Include any materials that will fit in the bag!  Then when that time comes, let the kids open the bag and do the activity inside.

Some Activities in the Past

We made the paper plate noise makers like we did last year.  Add dried beans or rice inside and decorate the outside.  See here.

new year's eve noise makers craft for kids

I got the book Snowflake Bentley to read to them, and then we'll create our own snowflakes using toothpicks and marshmallows.  They will learn that no two snowflakes are the same in this STEM activity.  

making snowflakes with toothpicks and marshmallows - new years eve activity

1:00 - Year in Review Photo Hunt like we did last year.  Hide a photo from each month for the kids to find and then have them lay them out in order to reminisce. This time each kid had their own color and pictures to find and it worked out beautifully.  It also turned out to be beautiful day so we hid them outside.

new year's eve photo scavenger hunt

new year's eve photo scavenger hunt

We made our own Pom Pom Shooter with paper cups, a balloon, and pom poms.  It was a big hit!

new year's eve activity with kids

Black Eyed Pea Races - Use a party blower to move a black eyed across the table.  The first person to knock it off the end is the winner!

new year's eve activity with kids

 We did an easy craft and made some fireworks out of cutting cute cupcake liners.

new year's eve craft


Glow Stick Hide and Seek - turn off the lights and each person gets a turn at hiding the glow sticks.  Then everyone else finds them!  This was also a favorite!

new year's eve activity with kids

Time to reflect!  We did a year in review and then a little goal setting for the new year.  The printables for this are in the bundle you can find here!

We are Lego fanatics around here, so I challenged them to create this Lego Ball Drop Tower.

new year's eve activity for kids

8:40 - Prepare our festive drinks and snacks.  We'll also get our noisemakers and party poppers ready.

9:00 - Watch the ball drop on Netflix or the east coast feed.  Happy New Year!!

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