Valentine's Day Learning Activity

Make this easy Valentine's Day Learning Activity out of felt or paper.  Practice letters or counting - whatever your toddler or preschool need to work on!


This is a fun, versatile way to incorporate crafts and learning!  Not to mention that it is super EASY to make.  You basically cut hearts.  Want to make it even easier on the preparation side?  Just trace hearts with my free template (see below) and have your child practice their cutting skills.

And when I say versatile, I mean it!  You can adapt this activity to fit your crafting skills AND your child's needs.  If you have a felt board, cut the hearts out of felt!  (If you don't, check out my blog post here on how to make your own).

If you choose felt, you can purchase the white numbers and hearts that are pictured.  They will come ready to iron on to your felt hearts.  Order them here! 

You can also use fabric marker or puff paint to write on your hearts.


Or keep it simple and just use good ol' paper and marker.  This is where you can have your child help with cutting and even writing on the hearts.  Let them have that ownership!

So all you need to do is:

1. Trace and cut out your hearts - will you need 26 for the alphabet, just 10 for counting, or somewhere in between?  Use my FREE template here!

2. Decide what learning skill you want to practice and write or iron it on to each side of the heart.  (I wrote before cutting so I wouldn't mess up which half was which.)  Here are some ideas:

  • Alphabet - upper and lower case letters
  • Counting
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Fractions
  • Synonyms or antonyms
  • Spanish/English vocabulary words
  • Rhyming words

3. Cut each heart in half, and you're ready to play!


I will be taking the ABC hearts (and I wrote addition facts on the back side) to play a game with my daughter's Kindergarten class on Valentine's Day.  Each child will get 1/2 of a heart and they have to find their pair!  Switch cards with someone and play again!

Do you have a different learning concept to put on your hearts?  I'd love to hear! 

Want to pin this for later?  Use this image!

Valentine's Day Matching Hearts Learning Activity with felt board or paper



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