What if I don't sew?

Sewing is required so that each page will last.  I have found glues and fusible fabrics like Heat n Bond do not stand up to children's play.

But, that doesn't mean you can't participate in a swap!

You can join a swap and pay my girl Amanda (a past swap member who used to own a business sewing cloth diapers) to sew your pages for you! 

Here's how the process would work:

  1. Register for the swap.
  2. Pick your page design once the group is full.
  3. You can cut the pieces yourself or pay for me to cut them for you and I can ship them to her. 
  4. She will sew all 16 pages starting at $40 (some more intricate page designs that take longer would cost more to sew).  You will need to make sure she has all the supplies she will need, such as ribbon, hook and loop fastener, etc. (ship to her address instead of yours!).
  5. Then she will ship them back to me for the swap (the cost of shipping will be added to Amanda's invoice to you).
  6. Once we have swapped pages, there is an option for me to sew your pages together and hole punch them before sending them back to you for $25. 
  7. You would just need to add the grommets with a hammer and this tool.
  8. And finally, you can purchase a pre-made cover from me here.

So it is totally possible to participate in a swap and get a 16 page Quiet Book with only having to install grommets yourself!  See what groups are open here.  Just put in the note at checkout that you want Amanda to sew your pages.

If you are looking for a Quiet Book right away, check out my pre-made option for sale right here.  It is an 8 page book with a cover.  The Grommet Kit is an add-on option if you want to install them yourself.