Quiet Book Swap Group – $40

Make and receive 16 pages.  You can divide them up and get 2 smaller books out of this group or you can keep it one large book.  Your payment includes:

  • My organization fee
  • Assembly supplies (grommets and binder rings)
  • Template and instructions for your page
  • Cover Tutorial

You will buy your page supplies on your own.

The shipping costs to send your swapped pages back to you will be added at checkout. It is based on distance from Bakersfield, CA, or if you are local you will select Free Local Pickup.


Your Individual Page Costs

  • This varies depending on the supplies needed for your page.
  • I estimate pages cost between $1.50 and $3.50 each depending on your page design and materials needed.
  • You may buy your supplies when you are able (meaning you can wait until next month, etc.)
  • I carry felt on my website here and swap group members get FREE shipping when you order everything you need.  You may also be able to find it at your local craft store.

The following may be additional costs depending on your situation:

  • If you don't want to make your own cover with the tutorial provided, I can make a cover for you for $32, plus tax for CA residents.  You can see the fabric options here.

If you cannot attend the swap locally but want to assemble your own pages, you will need to buy:

  • The grommet tool for $4.00 found here.
  • Heavy duty hole punching tool for $14.00 found here.
Sewing Fee
  • If you don't sew, you can pay to have your pages sewn for you.  Find out more about that here.
  • If you will not be at the swap (local or non-locals), I can sew your pages together and hole punch them for you for $20.
  • Everyone still installs their own grommets, and you will need this tool for $4.

The tools and cover can be purchased at any time until the swap.  The sewing fee will be invoiced the week before the swap.

Equivalent sized Quiet Books of 16 pages would be sold for over $300!  I offer a pre-made 8 page book for $160. They are so labor intensive.  I can help you make a book for a fraction of the cost!

Click here to see what groups are currently open and reserve your spot!