• Fabric Cover - Sew felt pieces to the black fabric and then make the cover.  Includes a pocket, handles, binder rings, and iron on words.  In the special instructions at check out, please include the name you'd like for "Made with love by______ " that is on the back of the cover. *Note - the cover kit ships in September and NOT on the first month of your subscription.
  • January - Build a Snowman (Add hats, a scarf, stick arms, and mittens)
  • February - Valentine's I Spy (Look and find various items in the picture)
  • March - Make a Rainbow (Stack colors at the pot of gold)
  • April (2 pages) - Alphabet Matching  (Pair lower and upper case letters to complete the Easter egg)
  • May - Teapot and Cup (Has removable magnetic handle and spout)
  • June - Go Fishing (Has magnetic fishing pole and fish with numbers)
  • July - Flag Puzzle (Triangle pieces attach to the page)
  • August - School Bus (Wipers and wheels move, doors open and shut, and has finger puppet people. *Snaps are optional and snap tool is not provided)
  • September - Find the Acorns (There are 10 hidden among the leaf flaps, zippered tree, and textured leaves.  One is loose to feed the squirrel with the fuzzy tail!)
  • October Page 1 - Costume Dress Up (Includes astronaut, princess, super hero, ghost, and banana)
  • October Page 2 - Spider Finger Puppet (Lift his web to detach it)
  • November Page 1 - Turkey (Match the feather colors to spell "Thanks". *Snaps are optional and snap tool is not provided).
  • November Page 2 - Pie Weaving (Finish the apple pie by weaving it closed)
  • December Page 1 - Decorate the Christmas Tree (Embroidered star and ornaments included)
  • December Page 2 - Gingerbread House with Gingerbread Man Finger Puppet (Embroidered peppermint is included)
  • Birthday Page 1 - Decorate the Cupcake (Add frosting, cupcake liners, and candles)  Add these pages near your child's birthday month!
  • Birthday Page 2 - Balloon Shapes (Match the shapes and tie the ribbon)
  • January/February - Sent February 1
  • March/Birthday Part 1 - Sent March 1
  • April (2 pages) - Sent April 1
  • May/Birthday Part 2 - Sent May 1
  • June/July - Sent June 1
  • August/September - Sent August 1
  • Cover - Sent September 1
  • October (2 pages) - Sent October 1
  • November (2 pages) - Sent November 1
  • December (2 pages) - Sent December 1

* Note - no kits will be shipped January 1 or July 1. You will not be charged either.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Shipping is included in your subscription, so you don't pay anything more!

These pages contain small parts and magnets (although sewn inside) so it is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.  All children should be supervised by adults while they are playing with the book.

  • The instructions for the pages
  • Pre-cut felt pieces
  • Words and details ready to iron on
  • Any other necessary supplies (zippers, snaps, ribbon, specialty pieces, etc.)
  • Grommets for every 2 pages
  • Shipping
  • Access to the private Facebook group for questions, tips, and how-to videos
  • Tools for hole punching and installing the grommets - Tools needed can be found here.
  • The August and November pages have an option for snaps to help make pieces move. The tool for installing the snaps can be purchased in my Amazon shop here under Tools and Supplies. This is optional though. Snaps are not a necessity to make the page function.

The subscription will last a year. You will get 10 page kits over the next 12 months. You will be automatically charged $28 on the 28th of each month (except your initial month of $14). There are no payments or page kits shipped in January and July. Then it will be automatically canceled once you receive all of them.

Quiet Books are so much more durable when they are sewn. But some small pieces can be glued or hand stitched if you'd prefer.

This can be a beginner project! You are basically sewing felt to a background. Most pages have straight lines or larger curves. Just a few have small pieces, but those can be hand stitched or glued on if you'd prefer. The instructions are detailed with many pictures to help guide you. Plus you'll have access to the private Facebook group to ask any questions.

After you purchase the subscription, check your email and it will have a link to join!

I have several themed template bundles to choose from and sell the felt to make them also!

Still need help? Send us a note.

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