Day of the Swap

On the day of the swap, group members will get together at a community event center (if you are local to Bakersfield, CA). We will:

  1. swap pages
  2. sew pages back to back
  3. punch holes
  4. install grommets
  5. assemble the book with loose leaf binder rings.

This takes about 3 hours.

I will bring all the necessary supplies.  This includes:

  • heavy duty hole puncher
  • grommets
  • installation tools
  • binder rings

You should bring:

  • Sewing machine if you have access to one.  If you don’t have a sewing machine, we will get your pages sewn!  I will bring my machine or another sewer in the group can help out.
  • Your completed pages
  • Your finished cover(s)
  • A hammer (for installing grommets)

I will be there the entire time to teach you how to install the grommets and for any other help!