Benefits of a Swap

A group swap is so much easier than trying to do a whole book yourself.  I’ve done both, and I can tell you:

  • You spend less money because you can maximize your supplies.  You don’t have to buy a packet of 100 beads, just to use 10 for one page.
  • You spend less time planning, shopping for supplies, and making your page.  You decide on one page and it becomes an assembly line.  You don’t have a huge list of all the things you need (zippers, snaps, Velcro, buckles, felt of several colors, ribbon, on and on).
  • You have a deadline and you will finish because other people are counting on you.  I had done one page in a matter of months and finally decided to organize a swap to help me finish.  It was the best idea!
  • You have other people in the group that may have different skills than you.  You may not know how to sew zippers, but someone else in the group does so you could get a zipper page!
  • You have me to help you out!  If you're local, I have the tools that you won't need to buy.  Plus I know exactly what works for the grommets and binder rings, as well as how to make the sturdiest book that will hold up to children’s use.
  • I will give you a step by step tutorial with pictures and video on how to make a cover.
  • I will give you instructions and a template for the page design you pick.