Kailan is a former teacher and knows how to engage a group of kids!

Her presentation covers TWO important topics for students.

1. By listening to Kailan read aloud Screens Away, Time to Play, students will understand the value of turning screens off and get so many ideas for things to do instead!

Kailan makes talking about screen time silly and playful.

Illustration of a child dressed up and singing in a spotlight.
Illustration of a child reading in a large red chair.

2. Kailan will take them on a journey of writing a book!

She'll go over the writing process (she had 10 rough drafts!), working with an illustrator, book designer, and printing. 

She shows kids how technology can be a useful tool, but that it’s important to spend time offline experiencing life and not watching it. 

Presentations by Grade Level

Illustration of children playing in a cardboard box airplane.

FYI ~ None of my presentations present screen time as “bad”.  It’s something that exists and is never going away. Instead, the message is all about prioritizing play.

Illustration of a child coloring while laying on the floor.

I will bring book order forms on the day of my visit to send home and will drop off autographed copies of any books ordered at a later date.

I'm in Bakersfield, CA, but I’m happy to travel. Or virtual presentations are an option too!

Presentations start at $150.

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